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Kids These Days by Drew Perry

kids these daysTalk about getting caught between a rock and a hard place! Walter Ingram and his wife Alice are expecting their first baby. For any other guy this would usually be cause for celebration but poor Walter is all but breaking out in hives. On top of that he unknowingly gets caught up in Alice’s brother-in-law Mid’s shady business dealings and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

And so begins Drew Perry’s cleverly original story of a husband and wife who relocate to Florida after Walter loses his banking job. Desperate for work Walter is drawn into the family business working with Mid. Now what this business is would be anybody’s guess. Automatic ice-dispensers, subpar real estate ventures, and a pizza business that sells more than just pizza are just a few of the pans Mid has going on in the fire. When Walter is tasked to babysit these sites and make sure things keep humming along, little does he know he’s getting in way over his head.

All the while Walter wanders around clueless and stressing out over the inevitable arrival of Baby Ingram. Trying to drum up enthusiasm for Parenthood 101 is a tough job but even more so when your wife is giving you the stink eye for your boorish behavior. Add to the mix a rebellious niece, a high-strung sister-in-law, and a mysterious parachutist, and you get a wonderfully wacky novel that is just the right mix of funny and quirky. You can almost picture a Coen brothers movie coming out of this.

So pick up this terrific read if you want to ride along on Walter’s crazy adventures or just want to try something a little different for your next literary escape!


Order in Bibz.


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