Prepublication Reviews and Expertly Selected Title Lists

Public Library Graphic Novels – February 2014

The next time you’re at your local library, branch out of your comfort zone by picking up one of our graphic novels for public libraries. Books do not have to have the stereotypical, text-heavy layout in order to be engaging. By immersing the reader in images and conversation, graphic novels allow you to follow a storyline in a new and exciting way. Furthermore, plots range from the typical comic book super heroes to unlikely protagonists in foreign lands. Our list covers a wide range of subjects and plots, all while providing a shortcut into the world of graphic novels for readers who are not familiar with the genre. View samples below or the entire list.

Betty Blues by Renaud Dilliesbetty blues

Little Rice Duck is a well-known trumpet player in West Wood. With his sultry music filling smoky bars, he’s built a reputation as a key staple in the nightlife jazz scene. Now all he needs is that Betty character, dripping in expensive champagne and class. Betty Blues will intrigue you from page one as Dillies creates a story based on his love of music and comic books. Learn more and order here.

Briony Hatch by Ginny & Penelope Skinnerbriony hatch

Briony Hatch is preoccupied with the fantasy world in her favorite novels, The Starling Black Adventures. With her head full of magic and ghosts, Briony is able to block out the stress of her reality. Between her parent’s divorce and her friends concentrating only on shagging boys and losing weight, Briony would much rather immerse herself in fantasy than endure the life she leads. However, Briony will learn that fantasy and reality aren’t always easy to distinguish. Learn more and order here.

Adventures of a Japanese Businessman by Jose Domingoadventures of a japanese businessman

A Japanese businessman heads home after a seemingly normal day at the office. What he doesn’t know is that a series of strange and fantastical events are about to be thrown at him on the way. With new obstacles playing off of each other in every panel, the reader is in for a free flowing and exciting ride. As the businessman gets himself into rollicking adventures, the plot is supported by the most engaging artwork you will see this year. Learn more and order here.

Black Bird, Vol. 18 by Kanoko Sakurakoujiblack bird

A magical realm intersects with our version of reality, but only a token few can see it. Misao Herada is one of those people, but she wants nothing to do with the magic surrounding her. She attempts to live a normal high school life and maybe even get a boyfriend, but the demons from her other world have a different agenda. As the bride of a demon prophecy, her blood makes her extremely valuable to the demons as they fight for her hand in marriage…or for her life! Learn more and order here.


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