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One More Thing: Stories & Other Stories by B.J. Novak

one more thingWhile sifting through the titles in our pre-publication room, I was thrilled to see a new book from B.J. Novak. As an avid Mindy Kaling fan, I had heard of B.J. because of their on-again, off-again relationship from writing together at The Office. I figured if Mindy liked him, then I should too.

It turns out that my assumption was right. B.J. Novak cleverly weaves his reader through various short stories all with witty, yet diverse plotlines. Some stories are only a page or two long, while others reach the ten page mark. I was surprised at how well the book flowed despite these varying abrupt story lengths. Furthermore, I was never bored while reading. He kept me engaged just long enough in a story before he introduced a brand new plot a page or two later.

One story that stood out was a tale from his childhood. It has a very Willy Wonka vibe in that he guiltily purchases sugary cereals, which his parents ban him from eating, in order to try to win a $100,000 prize. After his parents refuse to accept the prize because he went behind their backs to buy the cereal, he travels to the Kellogg’s factory anyways to spite them. While there, a surprising and humorous twist unravels.

Overall, B.J. Novak clearly has established writing chops from his episodes of The Office, and he masterfully relays these skills to One More Thing. With easy banter, a solid flow, and relatable themes, B.J. Novak knocks this one out of the park.

Oh, and one more thing…when will the collaborative Novak/Kaling book be coming out? Just a thought…


Order in Bibz.


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