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In the Blood by Lisa Unger

in the bloodLana Granger is a psych major at Sacred Heart College in The Hollows, NY. She is a genius who could have gone to the college of her choice, but she chose this one because it’s small and allows her to hide from her past. Lana has a lot of personal issues and baggage. Mentally unstable, medicated, and confused about where her life is going, she cruises along trying to have as little personal contact as possible with people. She lies to everyone about her past, about her family, and about who she really is.

Her father is on death row for murdering her mother, a scene that Lana walked in on right after it happened. Her father convinced her to help him hide the body and lie to the authorities on where her mother went. Eventually Lana cracks and tells them where her father buried the body, something she has always felt guilty about.  For years, Lana has not been able to remember everything that happened that day so she keeps it all buried deep in her mind and refuses to talk about it.

When Lana takes a job babysitting a disturbed eleven year old boy she looks at it as a chance to help someone who is much like she was growing up. She fits right in with Luke and his mother and even though Luke is a challenge she enjoys the job. But, when her best friend disappears after they have a fight and Luke starts playing weird games with her, things start to go downhill in Lana’s life. All of the secrets that she has been hiding for years are all of a sudden rising to the surface. Someone knows everything about her life and he can’t wait to tell.

I have to admit that I am one of those people who judge a book by its cover so when I saw this one by Lisa Unger I knew that I had to read it. And, wow, am I glad that I did! Psychological suspense thrillers are my favorite genre and this book was a winner! I was obsessed with it from page one and couldn’t put it down until I turned the very last page. A+!


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