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Here Comes the Easter Cat by Deborah Underwood

easter catSometimes it down right stinks that my children are too old for story time.  When I received this story in the mail, I was immediately intrigued by the cover.  An Easter Cat – what the heck happened to the Bunny?

The book opens with Cat being grumpy.  When asked why, he holds up a sign of the Easter Bunny.  He’s upset that everyone loves the Easter Bunny.  He doesn’t understand why and is jealous.  The narrator suggests that he become the Easter Cat.  Surprised by the suggestion, he has his own ideas of what he can bring to the children at Easter time.

Cat begins to put his case together for being the Easter Cat.  Everything from his transportation to his attire is being considered.  He soon sets off only to turn around and come back to take a nap.  The narrator informs him that he can’t take naps.  This makes Cat greatly distraught.

The Easter Bunny appears with a chocolate egg for Cat.  Cat notices how tired the Easter Bunny is and runs off.  He reappears with his transportation.  Is he stealing the Easter Bunny???  You’ll have to pick the book up and find out for yourself.

The illustrations by Claudia Rueda are absolutely brilliant.  They could tell the story all by themselves. However, the words that Deborah has put down make this an extremely unforgettable book.  I sincerely hope that there will be another “Cat” book by this dynamic team.  You won’t regret adding this one to your child’s collection.


Order in Bibz.


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