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The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry & Sonja Danowski

the gift of the magiSonja Danowski’s portrayal of O. Henry’s Christmas classic, The Gift of the Magi, is exquisite in detail and composition. Her illustrations provide a lustrous depiction of the young couple that selflessly sells their most prized possessions to give each other beautiful gifts on Christmas.

O. Henry’s tale is not modified in any way, which makes the language of the story a bit old-fashioned. However, his use of 19th century writing gives the story charm. Children and adults will both love the message in his Christmas classic and how it all relates to the three wise men present at Christ’s nativity. Giving gifts is a selfless act that is a perfect theme for the holiday season of generosity and love.

Overall, the combination of Danowski’s illustrations and O. Henry’s writing results in a lovely children’s book for the holiday season. Children will escape in the images as parents teach them the lesson of selfless generosity. The holidays have a new meaning with the gift of giving.

– Emily

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