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The Wine Savant by Michael Steinberger

the wine savantIf you’ve ever wandered up and down the wine aisle looking for something different…if you’ve ever rolled your eyes at a wine “expert” describing a sweet Bordeaux as “Light gold with a tight but promising nose of roasted hazelnuts intermixed with crème brulée, vanilla beans, honey, orange marmalade and peach”…or if you chuckled at the 2004 movie Sideways…you will enjoy this book. The Wine Savant by Michael Steinberger is a guide to the new wine culture – that newly emerging group of Americans who don’t pay homage to the wine snobs and who know what they like in their wine glass.

The Wine Savant is both funny and informative. Here are just a few of the insights Steinberger shares with his fellow “grape nuts”: What are the new wines coming out of California these days?  What does “spooferated” mean?  Is food and wine really all that important?  And how to drink wine with no apologies!

You’ll also find a wealth of practical guidance, such as what makes for a great wine, wine tools, choosing a foreign wine, selecting wine in a restaurant and much more. There is even a list of fifty wines for your bucket list, so start saving up! Just remember these three simple rules for becoming a wine geek:

  • Drink often
  • Drink a wide range of wines
  • Drink as well as your budget permits

Read all about the wine world from an insider’s perspective. With intelligence and humor, Wine columnist and writer Michael Steinberger offers up all the skinny on how to be a shrewd wine buyer and how best to enjoy the wine you drink!


Order in Bibz.


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