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Communion Town by Sam Thompson

communion townInitially, Communion Town feels like a puzzle that can never be put together. There are an array of pieces that will eventually fit together, but getting to that point is a long and perilous process.

As you read deeper, you find little bits of everyday life. These bits could pertain to anyone’s life. For example, the life of a child living with his grandmother who has a tendency to steal, or a new couple moving to the city as refugees.

Through the story of their  lives, these people tell the story of the city. As with any city, you have places where it’s best not to stray into along with many perfectly safe and beautiful places. The varying components of the city provide an interesting parallel to the lives of its inhabitants.

For me this was an unusual perspective for a book, but it works. In the end, all the pieces do fit together to make a complete story.

– Ellen

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