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The Christmas Angel by Jane Maas

the christmas angelReading this book was a serendipitous choice where the original blogger had to pass, and I volunteered to read and review instead.

It is love at first sight for Owen Thomas when he sees the beautiful Jessica, an actress in her London debut. He is so convinced they will marry that he builds Jessica a cottage in Wales, and carves her a Christmas angel with lavender eyes to match her own. But Jessica’s first love is theater, so marriage is out of the question. Owen eventually does marry someone else and the Christmas angel graces the couple’s Christmas tree and those of their descendants.

The story is divided into chapters by Christmas experiences from 1875 to 1990 covering five generations of Owen’s family. Although I have not read anything by these authors, the marketing publicity indicates fans of Debbie Macomber, Anne Perry, and Richard Paul Evans will enjoy this book and the movie rights have been sold to Hallmark.

The story may be predictable; however no less enjoyable. The line drawings by Abbie Zabar are a sweet addition to the text. Likeable characters? Heart-warming Christmas traditions? Happy ending? Check, check, and check. If patrons are looking for a quick Christmas read, I recommend this one.


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