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Whale Shines: An Artistic Tale by Fiona Robinson

whale shinesThis lovely tale will help children discover the differences between individuals and their own uniqueness.

Whale is in advertising, and he swims along wearing a poster depicting the big, upcoming art exhibition. He visits many artists, the hammerhead shark that creates sculptures from shipwrecks, an eel that makes patterns in the sand, and the octopus, cuttlefish & squid who paints with ink. Whale sees his friends’ skills and creativity, but he doesn’t think he has any. All of a sudden whale is surprised by something glowing in the sea. They are bioluminescent plankton that glow when he swims by them, so whale and the plankton work together to create a beautiful painting all their own.

The age range is 5-8; however, I can see younger children also enjoying this book. The pictures are fun and the story is not very long.


Order in Bibz.


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