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Fresh Reads for Kids – October 2013

Instead of children reading the same books over and over again, entice them with these fresh new reads for kids! By adding variety to their reading selection, kids will become more engaged in trying new books and escaping to various lands and situations with new stories. Buzz-worthy reads are not limited to the adult section in a library. Allow kids to latch on to new trends and books in order to generate interest for them to step out of their comfort zone. By providing these fresh titles, kids will be eager to begin an exciting new journey through literature. View samples below or the entire list.

Bits and Pieces by Judith Byron SchachnerBits and Pieces

Look through the eyes of a beloved, old pet cat named Tink whose family loves him to “bits and pieces.” Even though Tink is reaching the end of his life, he yearns for an outdoor adventure after being an indoor cat for so long. One night, he sneaks outside and discovers a brand new world happening around him. Between the night owls and moonlight, his epic adventure becomes mysterious and exciting. Find out if Tink makes it home safe after his epic adventure by picking up this fresh read. Learn more and order here.

Interrupted Tale by Maryrose WoodInterrupted Tale

With an invitation to speak at the Celebrate Alumnae Knowledge Exposition (CAKE), Miss Penelope Lumley is excited to show off her Incorrigible children. Unfortunately, her excitement subsides when she must demonstrate her school’s educational progress by presenting three of her students to the board, leaving her school in a complete uproar. Will she be able to save her school? This is the fourth book in the series the Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place. Learn more and order here.

Fancy Nancy: Just My Luck! by Jane O’ConnorFancy Nancy

When Nancy discovers the many dimensions of superstition, she is left in a whirlwind of information. On her journey to discover what’s lucky and what’s not, she’s determined to come to her own conclusions about what she believes in. Level One readers are taken on Nancy’s adventure of keeping track of her superstitious beliefs, while sounding out new words and sentences along the way. Not only will children love Fancy Nancy’s quest for luck, but they will also learn reading tactics to continue on with this story and other new books. Learn more and order here.


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