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Henry’s Hand by Ross MacDonald

Henry's HandHalloween is right around the corner and with that comes monsters and the stuff that makes us squirm. This book fits the bill in more ways than one, but has a heartfelt message to deliver as well.

Meet Henry. He’s our modern day Frankenstein. He loses his body pieces every now and again. Each morning, Henry takes inventory of his body parts with a catchy rhyme. His favorite body part is his right hand. They do everything together. Lately though, Henry has been getting lazy and has Hand doing things he should be doing himself.

Feeling unappreciated and neglected, Hand runs away. Hand saves a very wealthy person and gains national attention and fame. Hand has everything he could ever want. So why is he so lonely?

Meanwhile, Henry holds out hope that Hand will return, but as the days pass by he realizes he made a huge mistake and Hand isn’t coming back. How can Henry go on without his best friend and how can he fix it?

There are a few messages to take away at the end of this book. Take things for granted or abuse them and you’ll miss them when they’re gone; the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence; and my favorite, by far, was no matter how much time passes, with old friends you pick up where you left off and a word here and there speaks volumes. This is a book both adults and children will love to read. I highly recommend adding it to your collection.


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