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Playing House: Notes of a Reluctant Mother by Lauren Slater

9780807001738 playingLauren Slater takes the stages and evolution of her family, career and mental and physical health and crafts them beautifully in this poetic, sometime humorous self-examination of herself and the challenges and choices of a modern woman. This book is sure to connect with any woman or mother who has clawed to remain on the top of her game and her sanity juggling what life sometimes unavoidably pours on you.

Slater takes the reader on a complex ride from the expected natural human emotions to her dark need to understand the meaning and connections to all the motions of the universe. The striking metaphors used in this book used to describe Lauren’s analysis of luck, love, self-acceptance and finding peace will leave readers scribbling down thought-provoking questions and memorable quotes they will want not to lose.

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