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Plain Peace by Beth Wiseman

9781401685942 plainPopular Amish fiction author, Beth Wiseman, is back with another title from her Daughters of Promise series, Plain Peace.

Jacob Hostetler has settled in Lancaster County after a family tragedy, and his family is struggling to put the pieces back together.

Anna Byler is in the middle of her Rumspringa. Her grandfather, the bishop, doesn’t care that his strict ways are dashing any chance Anna has of finding a husband and also alienating the community.

Anna’s grandmother is keeping all kinds of secrets from her grandfather, how will he react when he finds out? But then Anna is keeping secrets of her own so she can see Jacob behind her grandfather’s back. Will all of these secrets, ever be brought into the light?

Jacob’s mother, Cora, befriends Anna’s grandmother. They form a tentative bond with an Englisher, Lucy, who has brought heartache to another local Amish family in the past. Can old wounds really be healed and can peace be found?

This will be a great addition for libraries that can’t keep Amish Fiction on the shelves.

Order in Bibz.


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