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Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs

9780778314745 xmasI strongly dislike picking up a book in a series, out of order. Candlelight Christmas happens to be book ten in The Lakeshore Chronicles series. Sigh! I began to read hoping I wasn’t going to feel “left out”, since I didn’t start at book one.

The book begins with the origin of the Christmas pickle and a no-process pickle recipe. I admit I was a little thrown (this is my first Susan Wiggs book, so I’m not sure if she does this with all of her books, just this one, or just this series). As I made my way through the chapters, I realized the Christmas pickle ties into the book numerous times.

Darcy Fitzgerald is a recent divorcee. To complicate matters, her family and her ex-husband’s family are extremely close and spend holidays together. We jump quickly from the holidays to the end of summer (with another recipe, this time for spaghetti) and are introduced to Logan and his son Charlie. Darcy meets Logan at Camp Kioga, where she has tagged along with her best friend India, who happens to be Logan’s sister, to pick up India’s twin boys. Thus begins the fall of Logan O’Donnell and Darcy Fitzgerald.

This is honestly not where I thought the book was going to go. I thought for sure the ex-husband was going to play some kind of role in the book and didn’t. Other than that – loved it!

My only wish was that the book be longer. While the epilogue left me satisfied, I greedily wanted more. I really enjoyed the book and wasn’t disappointed I picked up book ten instead of one. I will however be going back to finish what I started and I’m looking forward to the journey.


Order in Bibz.


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