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Under One Roof by Barry Martin

9781250003041 underIt’s not too often that you hear of a man who wears a hardhat for a living writing a memoir. In this heartwarming tale, first time author Barry Martin shares a wonderful story of how he befriended an elderly lady during his company’s high-budget construction project. Thiers was no ordinary friendship, but one that blossomed out of unusual circumstances.

Barry was the supervisor for the project of building a huge shopping mall in the quaint city of Ballard, Washington. Edith Macefield was the stubborn senior citizen who refused to move out of her cozy little house even though it sat directly in the center of the construction plans. You would think most people would jump at the chance when offered a million dollars to evacuate. But not Edith. Perfectly content to stay right where she is it isn’t too long before she changes from being Barry’s cranky nemesis to newfound best friend.

This wonderful story not only chronicles the inevitable relationship between the two, but also serves as a brilliant humanity lesson. As Barry becomes chief caretaker for Edith we find out how this experience helps him deal with his own father who was just diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. The amiable narrative is fashioned in a folksy and comfortable pace; it’s like you are sitting down having coffee and a chat with the author himself.

If you are looking for something a little bit different for your next book club discussion I highly recommend this touching and endearing tale of unlikely companionship.


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