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Dear Lupin by Roger Mortimer and Charlie Mortimer

9781250038517 lupinIn the not too distant past, people stayed in touch with family members by actually writing letters instead of tweeting, skyping, or instagramming. This quaint little memoir told in epistolary form is a shining example of the lost art of letter writing. A wonderful chronicle of the obvious love a father held for his wayward son, this book is a real charmer.

Roger Mortimer was a prolific writer, having worked at The Sunday Times for thirty years. Even with his busy workload and obligations he still managed to write letters to his only son Charlie, a free-spirited rascal affectionately referred to as “Lupin”. The collection of letters ranges from 1967 to Roger’s death in 1991, an amazing span of 24 years. Mortimer cleverly uses the correspondence as a way of dispensing his fatherly advice whether Lupin heeds the advice or not.

Filled with witty and wry observations of the minutia of daily life, reading the nugget size entries is like munching on a fun size Snickers: totally filling but nothing too serious. Following the letters is the spritely commentary from Lupin who cheekily tells us if the fatherly advice was heeded or simply shrugged away.

This delightfully witty book gives a nod to the past, but offers timely wisdom for the ages. Whether you savor this book in small doses, or spend a lovely afternoon reading it straight through, you will be happy to have shared your time with this devoted father and his irrepressible son.
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