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Starry Night by Debbie Macomber

9780345528896 starryRecently I noticed many long-time happily married couples I know are quite opposite, and yet they complement each other. When I saw Starry Night featured characters who were clearly opposites, I thought this book deserved a second look.

Chicago-society page editor, Carrie Slaton, is in pursuit of a hot story to further her career, and that story involves tracking down a reclusive Alaskan outdoorsman. Finn Dalton has found success in sharing his story of survival in the Alaskan Wilderness, but he is not interested in sharing anything with the press.

Carrie is tired of writing about society and going to endless, meaningless parties. Finn, whose fame has surprised him, wants to be left alone.  There is an Alaskan storm blowing in when Carrie finds the elusive author. How will Finn deal with an unwelcome intruder, in heeled boots, in the middle of his sanctuary? Will Carrie further her career or follow her heart?

What really makes this story wonderful is Macomber’s ability to capture the scene whether you are in a noisy Chicago bar or the Alaskan wilderness.  This will be a must-read for your holiday reading collection!


Order in Bibz.


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