Prepublication Reviews and Expertly Selected Title Lists

Opening the Book September 2013

Looking for a way to offer patrons a new reading experience? Opening the Book has just what the librarian ordered! Three categories are offered: Who Do You Want to Be Today, Discover, and Take a Risk on a Book. Each list contains a mix of popular and less familiar authors with different genres and formats. Learn more about Opening the Book and take a gander at some of the samples pulled from the lists above.

Take a Risk on a Book 

Candy by Samira KawashCandy
I love candy! Jaw breakers, Swedish fish, and taffy are at the top of my list. Candy tells the fascinating story of how candy evolved in the United States. The author takes us from the turn of the century, where crusaders blamed candy for everything from poisoning to sexual depravity, to current worries about obesity, hyperness, and dreaded cavities. If you enjoy lively cultural history or just want to feel a bit better about eating candy, then be sure to pick this one up. Learn more and order in Bibz.


I Wish I Were A… by Werner HolzwarthI Wish I Were A...
Most of us, at one point in our lives, have wished that we were someone or something else. Werner tells his story, with Jeschke’s quirky illustrations, through a meerkat. The meerkat observes his surroundings and thinks about what it would be like to be like the burly bear, the hilarious monkey, and the powerful lion. When a sudden dark shadow emerges over the zoo, the meerkat is the first to alert his companions of the danger. After all is said and done, the bear, the monkey, and the lion all wish they had the attributes that the meerkat has: speed, a vigilant eye, and swift decision-making skills. Learn more and order in Bibz.

Who Do You Want To Be Today 

All the Truth That’s in Me by Julie BerryAll the Truth That's In Me
Two weeks ago, I wrote a review for the blog on this title. I enjoyed it so much that I had to pick it again to promote it. The book is a pinhole narrative. You begin seeing through a tiny pinhole and as the story continues, the pinhole widens and you get to see the bigger picture a little at a time. Judith, the protagonist, has lost her ability to speak. We don’t know how, only that something horrible happened to her. The further you delve into the story, the more you learn about Judith. I enjoyed the book cover to cover and highly recommend it. Learn more and order in Bibz.


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