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The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

9781476729084 rosieFresh and funny, this is one of the most entertaining books I’ve read in a long time.

Don has Asperger’s and is a brilliant genetics professor with an obsessively adhered to schedule and just two friends; Gene and Claudia, psychologists, who are married to one another. Womanizer Gene is tracking his own extramarital affairs by country, and Claudia is the voice of reason in Don’s life.

By all accounts Don would be great husband material except for the fact he has a lot of requirements for a life partner. To “streamline” the selection process he creates an interview document designed to weed out candidates who don’t measure up. His questionnaire is 16 pages and becomes officially known as The Wife Project. Drinkers, smokers, and the habitually late need not apply.

Enter Rosie, a drinking, smoking, habitually late, feisty bartender. Don believes Gene sent Rosie to him as a candidate for The Wife Project, but she’s really looking for a genetics expert to assist her with a project of her own.

Don thinks Gene has lost his mind in sending Rosie as a viable choice. Clearly she is going to fail on even the most basic criteria. But before he can figure out she isn’t there for The Wife Project he finds himself agreeing to assist her with tracking down her biological father through the use of DNA. Hilarity ensues in almost every situation moving forward.

While the Father and Wife projects run side-by-side, Don begins to realize Rosie is both intelligent and captivating. Logically his attraction to her makes absolutely no sense. Perhaps she is destined to become just a friend, since she is not life partner material.

Rosie finds Don to be socially inept, the recalculating of his schedule annoying, and an embarrassment in about every possible way. But still there is something endearing about him.

Scientifically speaking the project may be a flop; however you can’t help but hope the two will recognize they are perfect for each other. I highly recommend this debut novel; it is about so much more than just romance.


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