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The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri

9780307265746 lowlandPulitzer Prize winner Lahiri’s new novel is a story of two brothers born in Calcutta and the very different paths their lives take. Although very close in age and inseparable through childhood, they have very different personalities and their adult lives follow different paths.

Subhash, the older of the two, is quiet and more traditional, choosing to continue his education abroad in the United States. Udayan is more daring and adventurous and during his college years becomes involved with activists trying to improve the conditions of the poor in his country.

The novel spans more than 50 years and several generations. It highlights the struggles between the importance of tradition and adapting to current times, and the relationships between multiple generations and the choices each generation makes.

I found it very interesting to learn so much about the traditional Indian culture, which is very different from the American culture, and to watch as Subhash deals with reconciling his childhood in India with his adult life in America.


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