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An Amish Family Christmas by Murray Pura

9780736952378 amishWho doesn’t love a great Christmas story? When it still feels like summer I know it’s hard to start getting ready for cold winter days and Christmas books, but it’s that time again. Murray Pura has created an awesome story with An Amish Family Christmas. I wasn’t familiar with Pura before this book, but the description caught my attention, and I’m so glad I gave his book a try.

An Amish Family Christmas centers around Naomi Bachman, whose parents and sister are killed in an accident, her brother, Luke, is left catatonic. Her husband, Micah, is shunned since he decided to join the Army as a medic. Naomi’s sister-in-law, Rebecca, stands with her as she deals with the aftermath of the accident and Luke’s catatonic state. Just when Naomi believes things can’t get anything worse, Micah returns home discharged from the service.

Naomi is frustrated with Micah since there has been no contact, per the bishop’s orders; however Micah has been writing her every week and loves her even more than before. Also, if Micah would confess in front of the church, they would be reunited, but how can he confess when he’s not ashamed of saving lives.

Will Naomi and their community ever understand Micah’s decision, will Luke ever be healed? This is a great book about the power of holiday miracles. It will be a must-read for patrons who love books about the Christmas season.


Learn more and order here.


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