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Fresh Reads for Kids August 2013

Back to School time! I, for one, have mixed feelings. On one hand, my children are heading back to early bedtimes, limits on electronics, routines and reading. On the other hand, I now have to worry about grades, lunch money, homework, and reports. Regardless, I’m thankful for our Collection Development lists. It gives me great selections to suggest to my kids for their AR goals. Be sure to check out this month’s Fresh Reads for Kids here.

How the World WorksHow the World Works by Clive Gifford

As a parent, I remember when my children hit the How and Why phase. I dreaded it. What if I don’t know the answer? Do I make it up? Look it up? Ignore them? Encyclopedic in scope, this essential book is bursting with information in a fresh and exciting presentation. In addition to kids enjoying it, parents will find this an invaluable tool when they are tasked with answering all of those tricky questions. Wish I had this back then. Learn more and order here.

Hard Luck by Jeff KinneyHard Luck

Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans rejoice! The eighth book in the series is just around the corner. Greg’s on a bad luck streak. His best friend/partner in crime, Rowley, has ditched him. Finding new friends in middle school is not an easy task. Greg decides to roll the dice and let fate take the reins. Will this turn things around for Greg or is he destined to continue down the road of lonely misery? Learn more and order here.

Jacob's Eye PatchJacob’s Eye Patch by Beth Kobliner Shaw and Jacob Shaw

Looking for a book that discusses differences that kids can enjoy and parents can turn to for guidance?
Strangers often stop Jacob’s mom and dad on the street to ask about Jacob and his eye patch. He knows that people like to ask questions, but do they have to ask right now? You see, he’s in a hurry to get to the store to buy a special toy and there’s only one left! Thankfully, they get to the store in time and while there, Jacob meets a new friend who is unique too. This book will encourage young readers to embrace the thing that makes them unique. Learn more and order here.

Friends by Eric CarleFriends

Have you ever had a best friend move away? If you have, you know the void and the sadness that comes with it. Based on his own personal story, dedicated to his longtime wife, Carle gifts young readers with a book full of love and perseverance. Learn more and order here.


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