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All The Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

9780670786152 truthWhen an advanced copy of this book arrived, the cover and the title intrigued me. After I read the inside flap, I knew this was a book I wanted to read. Judith, the protagonist, has lost her ability to speak. We don’t know how, only that something horrible happened to her.

Set in a diary-like tone, the book is sectioned in four “books”. The first jumps between Judith’s past as young girl and the present hell she is living in. You learn that although she is not captive any longer, she is now an outcast from village folk and her own mother. Judith’s mother resents her because when she was taken her father wouldn’t stop looking for her, fell ill, and died of grief.

This book is a pinhole narrative. You begin things seeing through a tiny pinhole and as the story continues, the pinhole widens and you get to see the bigger picture a little at a time. You continually learn more about Judith and her experience the further you delve into the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. To my relief, you find out rather quickly why Judith has lost her ability to speak, however, it didn’t stop me from reading the remainder of the book. I was gripped throughout the entire thing and was pleasantly surprised at the end. Don’t miss out on a great story!


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