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Open Mic edited by Mitali Perkins

9780763658663 openI’m shamefully going to admit this book started for me as an obligation.  Once I began reading it, I can honestly say I didn’t want to put it down.

As we all know, prejudice exists all around us and has for centuries.  This book takes readers into scenarios the ten writers/artists have been through or have created.  Most of them have situational humor, but there are others that will leave you a bit depressed.

Readers will enjoy a mixture of entries which include, a comic layout (Why I Won’t Be Watching the Last Airbender Movie), poetic forms (Under Berlin and Lexicon); however most are in prose.

My hands-down favorite was Becoming Henry Lee.  In Becoming Henry Lee, Henry went from living in southern California, where he was surrounded by other Asian students, to Connecticut, where he was the only Asian kid.  He describes the stereotype the other kids had about him and how he coped and adjusted.  You will more than likely laugh out loud with this one.

Open Mic reminded me of a Chicken Soup for the Soul book in the fact that if you didn’t want to read the entire thing, you can start and stop at a new section and not feel like you missed something.  However, for me, every story made me want to keep reading.  I laughed out loud, smiled throughout, shook my head, and sighed plenty.


Learn more and order here.


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