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More Than This by Patrick Ness

9780763662585 moreThis book is about life, love and death, but not necessarily in that order. Who hasn’t said to themselves, “There has to be more than this…”

“Here is the boy, drowning.” is the first sentence of Patrick Ness’s newest novel. And the boy Seth does, in fact, drown but then finds himself in a strange place. A place tied to his past and not in a good way. Heaven, hell or someplace in between, Seth just isn’t sure where his is and if it’s real or not. Vivid memories of his life begin to play whenever he closes his eyes, and worst of all, he is alone.

So begins the journey of a young boy searching for answers, hoping he’s not truly alone and that there might be more than this! As the puzzle pieces come together and you think you understand the mystery of Seth’s death and supposed resurrection, Ness orchestrates a series of twists and surprises that keep you guessing!

Take this journey along with Seth and explore life and death, love and loss, perception and reality.


Learn more and order here.


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One thought on “More Than This by Patrick Ness

  1. Reading your review gave me chills. I need to find this book!

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