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Dare to be Seduced by Eden Davis

9781593095178 dareLeonora Lena Macy is determined to show her father she can run the family business. Paskin Broadcast Company (PBC) – the family business being a TV empire that if she plays her cards right can be all hers. But her father, Douglas Paskin isn’t sure she can do it, so he also has Travis “TJ” Reynolds, Lena’s adversary in the running.

Currently Lena is running Sports Fan Network (SFN) a sports oriented network, while TJ has been put in charge of the more female network LiveYou, television for women. Douglas has pitted them against each other and has placed them in charge of the most fledgling networks to see what each are made of and to see if they can turn them around. After all, even though he internally wants Lena to take over the network, no one knows Lena is his daughter and he has to keep her on her toes so she doesn’t get lazy and take anything for granted.

Rolanda Hammon, Lena’s lazy assistant wants to earn lots of money and do nothing to earn it. Anyway, she thinks Lena doesn’t deserve the position she has been given and, like everyone else, thinks Lena slept with the boss to get where she is. After being terminated Rolanda and TJ hatch a plan to try and get Lena ousted once and for all. The two are willing to do whatever it takes to get TJ into the position Lena has worked so hard for. Even if it means they have to lie about her to get it. They leak a sex tape to the media and the scandal not only rocks Paskin Broadcast Company to its foundation, it destroys the confidence and faith Douglas has in his daughter and her ability to run his beloved company. Lena has to find a way to show her father she is capable of being at the helm of her father’s empire.

If you like sexy drama with a lot of sexually graphic language, this is the book for you. This book is very adult in nature.


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