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Picks for Public Libraries August 2013

More often than not, I would overlook a good book – especially nonfiction. Not on purpose I might add, but because I tend to stick to the authors I know I like. Thanks to the blog and our Collection Development experts, that’s changed. Before I pick a book from each category, I try to think outside the box and choose titles I wouldn’t normally pick up. My must-read list of books grows daily and I’m thankful these gems don’t slip by. This week’s category is Picks for Public Libraries. Below are a few samples from the list but check out the entire list here.

Writing for the WebWriting for the Web by Robert Ashton and Jessica Juby

I know there are plenty of people out there that love everything there is to love about the web.  I am not one of them.  When books like this hit the shelves, I avoid eye-contact.  If I ever felt bold enough to go for a web developer job or wanted a side-job designing web pages, here would be a good place to start.  The authors go over all aspects of online writing, from social media, blogging and articles to search engine optimization.  They also make use of case studies, key points to remember and self-test questions at the end of chapters. Learn more and order here.

Bullying No More by Kimberly L. MasonBullying No More

Having pre-teens, this is a hot topic right now.  One of my children had a very close encounter with a bully on the bus and stood up for her friend.  Not all children are as bold or vocal and that is where Ms. Mason steps in to help both children and parents.  She offers parents various techniques to help them recognize the signs of bullying, understand the different forms of bullying, the roles they play, and much more.  This book will be an invaluable resource for parents who wish to intervene, advocate and protect their children.  Learn more and order here.

HouseplantsHouseplants by Clare Matthews

I have a black thumb.  I really wish my houseplants would survive longer than three months.   This book sounds right up my alley.  There are chapters containing advice on feeding, watering and dealing with problems.  Aside from my problem area, the author gives tips for choosing the right plant for difficult locations, how to use budget plants and containers to great effect as well as how to get the best from investment plants, and concludes with a plant profile directory.  Learn more and order here.

Mug Cakes by Leslie BilderbackMug Cakes

One word:  yummy.   I’m drooling just looking at the cover.  Oh and the BEST part?  It’s a microwave cookbook!   With one hundred recipes, that are ready in a matter of minutes, there is something to please every taste.  There are kid-friendly recipes for S’mores and Root Beer Float cakes, noncake recipes like pies and cheesecakes, and an Adults Only chapter where the recipes call for liquor.  I’m definitely going to be picking up this one.  Learn more and order here.




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