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Fresh Reads for Kids July 2013

Getting our children to read this time of year can be a difficult chore. The sun is out in its full glory and the water temperature is just right. However, rainy days, reading groups at the library, or snuggle time is a great opportunity to rope the little ones back into the excitement that good books can offer. The selection list for July’s Fresh Reads for Kids is sure to have something for everyone.  Below are a few favorites.

Things That Float and Things That Don'tThings That Float and Things That Don’t by David A. Adler

Do you know what objects float and which objects don’t?  You may be surprised. An apple can float, but aluminum foil when balled up does not.  If you take that same ball of aluminum foil and shape it into a boat, it will float.  Why is that, you might ask?  You might also wonder how it’s possible that a massive ship that is made of steel can float.  Adler answers these questions and more about density and flotation.  His clear, concise text, paired with Anna Raff’s delightful illustrations , make this a fun read for both children and adults. Learn more and order here.

The Silver Moon by Jack PrelutskySilver Moon

Looking for a bedtime story that will lull little ones to sleep?  Jack Prelutsky, national bestselling poet and recording artist, presents a lavishly illustrated collection of twenty original lullabies and cradle songs perfect for reading to a toddler ready for cuddle time. Illustrations of animals, the moon and the stars, are paired spectacularly with each lullaby.  Learn more and order here.

Battle BunnyBattle Bunny by Jon Scieszka

Sometimes a grandmother’s best intentions don’t go as planned.  Alex’s grandma gave him a gushy picture book about Birthday Bunny.  What in the world was she thinking???  He decides to take matters into his own hands and makes the book something that he’d actually enjoy reading.  Alex turns the story into that of a bunny ready for battle.  Readers will enjoy layered, original artwork that makes Alex’s edited artwork stand out.  Learn more and order here.

When Did You See Her Last by Lemony SnicketWhen Did You See Her Last

Young apprentice Lemony Snicket can’t seem to ask the right questions.  He has a new case to solve, in the fading town of Stain’d-by-the-Sea, when he and his chaperone are hired to find a missing girl. Was she kidnapped, is the girl a runaway?  No matter what the question is, they are all the wrong questions.  Fans of the first book in the All the Wrong Questions series, will be chomping at the bit to get their hands on book two.  Learn more and order here.


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