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Tell No Lies by Gregg Hurwitz

9780312625528 tellI have enjoyed previous books by Gregg Hurwitz, and this book is just one more reason why he’s on my favorite author list.

Daniel Brasher is leaving his high-paying job to start a private practice working as a group counselor for ex-cons. Before he leaves his old job though, he receives a message in his mailbox that is obviously meant for someone else. The note is a threat stating that the person who was intended to receive the message must fess up to what they’ve done or ‘bleed for it’–with a deadline which has already passed.

Daniel discovers the intended recipient has already been brutally murdered. Soon, he starts to receive more warning notes addressed to people the police and him are unable to track down. Without knowing about the warnings, bodies begin to accumulate, each found with a slit beneath their eye slowly leaking blood like tears. It is not long before the Tearmaker discovers Daniel is involved and turns his attention to Daniel and his family.

Every suspect seems realistic in Daniel’s race against time and he has no idea what he needs to confess to stop the murderer. This is a fast paced thriller that does not let up until the very end.


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