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The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler

9781476714240 bookEsme Garland is a 23-year-old British woman living in New York City, while working on her PhD from Columbia. When the book opens, Esme has the feeling that something isn’t quite right and can’t put her finger on what is out of sorts. Though annoyed, she carries on her day.

While on her way to meet her “date” (Mitchell), she swings in to her favorite little bookshop. The Owl is small and shabby, but it’s Esme’s safe haven. There, we are introduced to George, the lovable and quirky owner, and Luke, the reserved guitar-playing night manager.

After leaving The Owl and making a quick stop at Central Park, Esme heads out to meet Mitchell. On her way there, we learn a bit about Mitchell and how Esme met him.

As she is eating her lunch and talking to Mitchell, it hits her like a ton of bricks that’s she’s pregnant. Of course she needs to confirm, but is certain this is reason she has felt off all day.

Esme confirms by stick and by doctor that she is indeed pregnant. When she works up the nerve to tell Mitchell, she can’t get the words out before he breaks off their relationship. Thus begins the ups and downs of Esme’s tumultuous life. You’ll have to be sure to pick up a copy to find out whether or not she keeps the baby, has Mitchell crawling back or finds love somewhere else, and who stands beside her.

I must admit that when I first started the book, I was ready to put it down within ten minutes. Knowing that I needed to pick it back up again to write this review, I trudged forward. I’m glad I did. The characters are fantastic and I feel inclined at this point to interject that Mitchell is a character that I disliked from introduction. He exudes slime-ball from a mile away and just when you think he MAY have changed, Meyler smacks you alongside the head with a wake-up call.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. If there’s a follow-up to The Bookstore, I will definitely be picking it up.


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One thought on “The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler

  1. This books sounds really interesting I can’t even imagine how Esme can deal with getting her PhD, getting pregnant, and living in NYC it would drive anyone crazy.

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