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Approaching the Speed of Light by Victoria Lustbader

9780765334909 lightA tragic story from the beginning. Jody was abused both physically and mentally until he was nine years old. When Jody became an adult it appeared he had overcome his childhood demons. He does have his issues, but don’t we all? He struggles with relationships, because he was never really shown how to love and the only real living creature he fully trusts is his canine companion Einstein.

Then one day he meets Tess, an elderly woman who is still grieving her dead son. Jody reminds her so much of her son that she introduces her to her daughter-in-law Ella. Ella and her young son make an almost instant connection with Jody. They both have experienced hurt although in different ways. Even Ella’s son Evan can connect with the hurt of not having the full love of a father as his is mostly uninvolved with his life.

Ella, Evan, and Jody seem to need each other. Then just as it seems as though Jody is finally letting himself open to love another, a chance encounter leads Jody to believe that maybe he can’t even trust himself, let alone others. This realization leads to a decision that will change everything for everyone.

This book really opened my eyes to the long term effects of child abuse. Even when it seems that the person has overcome the hurt, they might not ever completely heal. It has taught me to look at people differently, because I don’t know what has formed their personalities. What happens to us as children has a profound effect on our adult lives. If you doubt that, just read this book.


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