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Insight September 2013

The heat of summer is here.  On days like these, who doesn’t want to lounge by the pool, relax in a hammock, or take shelter in a cool and quiet library?  We have plenty of options to keep you reading, from within three subcategories:  Adult, Teen, and Children.  Below are a few selections from the Adult Urban Fiction list, Teen Hardcover list, and Children Paperback list. Don’t let great titles slip by!  Check them all out by logging into Bibz, clicking on the Lists tab and then expand the Insight category header by clicking on it.

Adult Urban Fiction

Trophy WivesTrophy Wives by Charmaine R. Parker

Three trophy wives, Shayla, Kyle, and Amber have a lot in common. They each feel as though there is a void in their relationships and begin to seek fulfillment beyond that of a trophy wife.  Another thing they have in common is that they each have their own secrets.  When another woman befriends the trio, they begin to speculate whether she’s sincere or whether she has her own agenda.  As their skeletons come out of the closet they discover that glamorous looks and coveted worlds can’t protect them from the reality of life. Learn more and order here.

 Teen Hardcover

UntoldUntold by Sarah Rees Brennan

It’s decision time in the second book of the Lynburn Legacy.  Now that the sorcerous roots of Sorry-in-the-Vale have been exposed, no one in the town is safe.  A decision must be made: pay the sorcerers’ blood sacrifice or fight. Despite having given up her own piece of magic, Kami Glass is determined that evil will not win.  This series will appeal to fans of Beautiful Creatures and Mortal Instruments. Learn more and order here.

Children Paperback

School PlaySchool Play by Susan Nees

Missy’s class is performing a play about George Washington Carver. Naturally, she wants the best and most exciting part. Unfortunately, she isn’t selected for a main part.  To make matters worse, she isn’t even chosen for a speaking part!  Missy, doing what she does best, turns her part into the greatest super duper royal deluxe part ever!   With illustrations on every page, easy-to-read text, and high-interest content, this read will boost reading confidence and stamina. Learn more and order here.


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