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Dozens of Cousins by Shutta Crum & illustrated by David Catrow

9780618158744 cousinsAnyone who comes from a large family of cousins, where they behave more like siblings, will recognize their own clan at the annual beastie family reunion.

These cousins are quite the crew of hungry, rowdy, naughty, and finally weary, ogres. Arriving in a jumble of chaos and glee, they work the crowd of aunts with cheek pinching fingers, while gathering hugs from good humored uncles. Forgiveness for any and all sin is provided from smiling grandparents with “squishy middles”.

The wild bunch of children race through feedings, endless games of chase, splashing in the stream, playing in the mud, catching the first fireflies of evening, and the eventual collapse into a heap of sweet slumber.

The illustrations are quite simply hilarious. There is so much going on within the pages of this book it is sure to be requested through numerous choruses of read it again. Parents who enjoyed growing up with something similar will read this with a nostalgic smile on their face. Those who didn’t will wonder if such a family ever exists. Children will find it flat out funny.

This story reminded me so much of my own childhood and subsequent reunions. I have spent many days in a similar rough and tumble group with carte blanche over the farmhouse where we gathered. This author and illustrator pairing have truly captured the spirit of a family reunion.


Learn more and order here.


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