Prepublication Reviews and Expertly Selected Title Lists

Graphic Novels September 2013

Reading a graphic novel gives your brain a total work out.  Not only do you have to read the words, but you also need to comprehend the art work and what it’s conveying.  Our Collection Development experts have compiled three lists:  the Public Library list, the KidSafe list, and the Young Adult list. Below are a few selections, one from each category.  Be sure to check out the other great selections for your reading pleasure.

Public Library

GI JoeG.I. Joe:  The Cobra Files, Vol. 1 by Mike Costa

As an ex-Cobra agent, Chameleon is trying to make her way with the G.I. Joe team.  Although she has the best of intentions, she questions whether or not she has what it takes to fight on the good side.  Willing to risk the lives of his teammates on her, Flint believes she has what it takes. Are Flint’s instincts spot on or is this an evil ploy of the Cobras?  Learn more and order here.


Hilda and the TrollHilda and the Troll by Luke Pearson

In this brand new hardcover edition (sold in paperback as Hildafolk), Pearson throws in plenty of bonus, never-before-seen content that offers a fresh look at Hilda’s first outing.  Hilda sets out to the mountains around her home to capture the magical creatures that live there on paper.  To her exhilaration, she spots a mountain troll.  Hilda takes a seat and begins her sketches.  While she’s drawing, she falls asleep.  When she wakes up, she realizes that she’s lost – in a snowstorm!  As she navigates her way home, Hilda meets some interesting characters.   Learn more and order here.

Young Adult

WillowWillow, Vol. 1: Wonderland (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by Jeff Parker

Willow, armed with only Buffy’s broken scythe, has entered a different dimension.  Her quest is to, against all odds, bring magic back to Earth.  Throughout her journey, she will battle demons of all sorts including her inner ones.  Learn more and order here.





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