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Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett

 9781250028273 fallsLittle did Amy Gallup know the day she fell and hit her head on the birdbath was the watershed moment of her writing career. Thus begins this peculiar tale of a washed-up writer who gets her second chance at success via a magazine interview she barely remembers giving. The bump on the head Amy receives instantly turns her into the clever, witty, sardonic persona she never dreamed of being, but which happens to be a hit with the literary world.

Out of nowhere, everyone wants to talk to Amy, who hasn’t written a book in 20 years.  Even her old agent, Maxine Grabow, wants a piece of the pie and forcefully reasserts herself as Amy’s agent (with minimal consent from Amy herself). A whirlwind of activity ensues, starting with Amy’s friend Carla creating a writer’s retreat center, starring Amy herself, that will serve to help usher in struggling talent. Having purposely shied away from any kind of public or even human contact, Amy is less than thrilled with the idea and tries everything in her power to get out of it. But with the ever tenacious Maxine on the job, there is no end in sight for public appearances, radio shows, blogs, websites….everything Amy has been dodging the past two decades and doing just fine without.

Dragging her heels, Amy reluctantly goes along with Maxine’s plans, making her dreaded appearances and answering question after question about her literary absence. She finds snarky humor saves the day and helps her fake it most of the time, especially when she is put on the spot. But every time Amy mentions her comeback is largely due to her crashing into her birdbath, people think she is being her usual witty self and making up a tall tale to glamorize her literary rebirth.

A large supportive cast is peppered throughout the story, featuring Amy’s colleagues both past and present, who rally for her cause more enthusiastically than Amy herself.

Filled with scathing humor and irreverent commentary about the ever changing world of publishing and what it means to be an author in today’s world, Jincy Willett delivers interesting food for thought and her trademark biting satire as she exposes the very world in which she finds herself immersed.


Learn more and order here.


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