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Dog-Gone School by Amy and Ron Schmidt

9780375969744 dogI love dogs. I love playing with dogs, I love snuggling with dogs. I love looking at pictures and videos of dogs. Naturally, Dog-Gone School, with poems written by Amy Schmidt and photographs by Ron Schmidt, was a must-read for me.

The book takes readers ages three to eight through an entire school day, from the school bus to the final bell. Each event is given its own poem, and Schmidt utilizes different poem styles, including haikus and couplets. The poems are funny and engaging, and young readers will definitely enjoy them. While each poem is exceptional, there were a few that stood out to me as better than the rest: “Slurp” (and I think boys in the recommended age range will also chuckle at this one), “Teacher’s Pet,” and “Spellbound” were my personal favorite.

But no matter how good the poetry is, the true star in Dog-Gone School is the collection of photographs. Dog lovers will find something to sigh over or smile about on every single page. My favorite pictures were the ones accompanying the poems “Book Nook” and “Lunch Bunch”, though the latter mainly because it’s the only picture that uses my favorite breed of dog: the English bulldog.

Each dog is given its due in the “Class Superlatives” section at the end, with their categories matching the poems with which they were pictured. For instance, the dogs in the “Lunch Bunch” pages are “Biggest Chowhounds.” It’s a real treat and a fun way to end the book.

Dog-Gone School is a great book to have on your shelves for children, not only for them to read and look through independently, but also to have on hand for programming. It’s the perfect companion piece for sessions during National Poetry Month (April) or if your library is doing a dog or animal theme.


Learn more and order  here.


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