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Finding Colin Firth by Mia March

9781476710204 colinMia March is back with her sophomore novel, Finding Colin Firth.  We are back in Boothbay Harbor, Maine with the story of three women who are strangers, who all end up in Boothbay Harbor at a cross roads in their lives.

Bea Crane is a recent graduate who is cooking in a Boston diner when she receives a letter from her dead mother and finds out she was adopted. She doesn’t know who she is anymore. Veronica Russo has returned to Boothbay Harbor after many years away, having left after Bea’s birth, and is working in a local diner and selling special pies. She is trying to reconcile her past. How will she handle her now 22-year-old daughter appearing in Boothbay? Gemma Hendricks is heading to Boothbay for a childhood friends’ wedding and to reconnect with her old friend, June (one of the characters from Meryl Streep Movie Club). Just before she leaves New York City, she realizes she is pregnant and is trying to come to grips with her husband’s desire to become the perfect Stepford suburban family.

As we get to know these characters, there is a buzz in Boothbay Harbor because Colin Firth is coming to town to shoot a movie. Will they be able to get a glimpse of him? Will Gemma be able to get an interview that will resurrect her career?  Will Veronica and Bea be able to forge a bond after their years apart?

I have to admit that I am a bit of a bookaholic and Mia March’s Meryl Streep Book Club has been in my to-read pile, so picking up Finding Colin Firth was a no-brainer. This may be just March’s sophomore novel, but for those who love women’s fiction like me, she is soon to be a must-read author and will make her way to the top of your to-read pile.

Finding Colin Firth will be a great addition to your shelves, not only as a great summer read, but a great story of women who are finding their way in life with a little love, a little friendship, a little pie, and a little Colin Firth.


Learn more and order here.


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