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The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Café by Mary Simses

9780316225854 bakeshopIf you are charmed by the simpler pleasures of life, you’ll be quickly drawn into this lovely debut by Mary Simses. A quiet tale emphasizing the importance of family and tradition, it is a stirring testimony to the power of love.

Ellen Branford, a corporate attorney from Manhattan, would never be the type of person to find anything to like in Beacon, Maine. Yet she discovers one delightful surprise after another when she sets out to grant the wish of her beloved late grandmother. With nothing more than a letter and an address of where to deliver it, Ellen soon finds herself captive in the small town after a series of mishaps extends her stay. After practically drowning in a local bay and then saved by handsome carpenter Roy Cummings, Ellen soon becomes entranced with the small town and its quirky attractions. When several attempts of delivering her letter fail, Ellen decides to slow down a bit and savor the quiet atmosphere of Beacon. Along the way, she meets several local people who knew her grandmother well and willingly share their loving memories with her.

Meanwhile, back in Manhattan, devoted fiancé Hayden Croft is waiting in the wings for Ellen’s return as she is expected to accompany him to an awards dinner. A highly successful lawyer in the same firm as Ellen, Hayden is symbolic of everything Ellen holds dear, including the fast-paced life of big city living. When unexpected delays cause Ellen to miss the dinner, it forces her to step back and think about what she really wants out of life. Surely she loves Hayden, so why does she keep thinking about Roy? The fact that he and Ellen keep bumping into each other in the small town has to be more than a coincidence. Ellen tries to shake away her new-found feelings for Roy because she doesn’t want to hurt Hayden, but soon finds out that sometimes your heart and your head have different agendas. Filled with doubt about her future, Ellen does some much-needed soul-searching and finally realizes the answers to her future are found in the most unexpected places.

A funny, touching, and captivating story, The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Café is sure to warm the hearts of audiences everywhere. This book will no doubt have many readers adding this new favorite author to their bookshelf.


Learn more and order here.


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