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Drift by Jon McGoran

9780765334701 driftSet in Pennsylvania, loner Detective Doyle Carrick has to return to his parent’s rural home due to their untimely death and a 20 day suspension from the police department. Upon his arrival, he meets his new neighbor, Nora, and is shocked to find out just how much he’s attracted to her. After settling back into his childhood home, he discovers quite a bit has changed in his little farmland community. Organic farms are all the rage, all his neighbors either seem to be disappearing or selling off their farmland to large development companies, and big city drug dealers start to turn up in town.

Even though his friends from the force have told him more than once to stay out of it, he just can’t seem to, especially after Nora starts to receives threats about selling off her land. Her crops seem to be coming down with an unidentified fungus and the local hospital seems to be seeing more and more overdosing cases. When Nora and Doyle’s mutual friend Moose overdoses and swears all he had the night before was an organic wine, the locals all call squish.

What Doyle first believes to be a large drug trafficking ring taking place in town turns out to be much, much more. Right up to the end, Drift really keeps you guessing.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. The subject matter for this mystery thriller gives it a unique twist and certainly makes  even the reader think about the what if’s. Topics we hear about and see every day are given a fresh look from this angle. The ending had a few unrealistic aspects, but Drift is still definitely worth the read. I would recommend this book for all mystery and thriller fans. I am anxious to see what Jon McGoran comes up with next.


Learn more and order here.

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