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The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane by Kelly Harms

9781250011381 luckIt’s the perfect time of year to bust out the tanning lotion, beach umbrella, swimsuit, and oh, yeah, the ultimate beach read! Luckily for us, The Good Luck Girls of Shipwreck Lane fits that bill perfectly. A charming and hilarious debut novel with a quirky yet lovable cast of characters is just the ticket to the start of everyone’s favorite reading season.

Meet the two Janine Browns who reside in Cedar Falls, Iowa. One of them just won the home of her dreams in Christmas Cove, Maine, but when they both show up to claim the prize there can only be one winner, right? From there begins a clever and wacky story of mistaken identity between two totally different women: Janine Brown, a mousy introvert who spends most days happily hiding in her kitchen (and who can’t believe her crazy Aunt Midge entered her name in the contest behind her back) and across town, Nean Brown who usually has nothing but hard luck and hard times and just knows it is her true destiny to deserve something better.

When both women end up meeting in the oddest of circumstances, it is one crazy adventure after another. First, they must clear up who actually did win the house. Neither one wants to budge, but when the crew from the Free House Sweepstakes shows up and proves Janine is the winner, Nean comes up with an ingenious plan to extend her stay. Aunt Midge seals the deal by discovering Nean’s cover-up and practically blackmails Nean into becoming Janine’s BFF.

Not too long afterward comes the shy but ruggedly handsome Noah, who arrives just in time to clear up the initial confusion about the owner of the house and Janine’s stolen U-Haul, and the devilishly handsome J.J., who saves Nean from drowning and then conveniently turns out to be the hunky landscaper hired to maintain the girls’ mansion. Both men have secrets of their own and it’s up to the girls to figure out what makes these guys tick and eventually claim them for their own.

I thoroughly enjoyed this heartwarming story with its true-to-life characters and snappy dialogue. As with the ending of summer, to reach the last page is bittersweet and I guarantee you’ll miss this crazy bunch from Christmas Cove long after you close the cover. This story will make for some great book club discussions as well as a perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon poolside. Grab a copy, a comfortable lawn chair, and enjoy!


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