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The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice

9780670025275 lemonJulia knows life can hurt. She has lived through every parent’s worst nightmare. When this nightmare is combined with the loss of her husband as well, she wonders if life will ever make sense again. All that she has left is her beloved dog, Bonnie. Together, Julia and Bonnie embark on the journey to try to heal.

When Julia temporarily moves to her Aunt Graciela and Uncle John’s house to care for the property while they are away, she meets another human who has lived a nightmare of his own. Enter Roberto, head caretaker of the lemon orchards on the property. Roberto is one of the last people someone like Julia thinks she would have anything in common with, but that quickly changes when she learns his story and starts to see him in a completely different light.

Roberto’s nightmare is much like Julia’s, except for him the nightmare has no closure. Julia puts her whole self into trying to help Roberto find his closure. In the meantime, she also finds a love she never imagined she could have. She learns life can hurt, but healing is possible with time.

This story will leave the reader with so many mixed emotions. It really is a page turner and will definitely leave you wanting more of Julia and Roberto!


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