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Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein

9780375870897 LemonLuigi Lemoncello, an eccentric billionaire, has built a public library honoring the one which changed his life way back before he made beaucoup bucks building the Imagination Factory and creating games.

It’s been 12 years since the old library closed and to celebrate the opening of the new library, Lemoncello has created a fantastic library adventure. Twelve 12 year olds will win the opportunity to be the first to see and use the library’s futuristic features in an exclusive, overnight lock-in party. All they have to do is write one of the best essays on “Why I’m Excited about the New Public Library.”

Mr. Lemoncello’s biggest fan is Kyle Keeley. Kyle’s whole family loves playing all sorts of games; however, Kyle likes to play them because it’s the only time he feels he’s on a level playing field with his two brothers. Kyle desperately wants to be included in the lock-in, even though he initially doesn’t put much effort into his essay.

When the big reveal happens, Kyle is chosen to be one of the lucky 12, along with his best friend and of course a couple of the most annoying kids at school, Charles Chiltington the smarmy rich kid, and the super popular Haley Daley.

The lock-in is a fun-filled time of introduction to all the library’s great features, not just the book selection which is amazing, but also the high tech gadgets like instructional holograms, hover ladders, and IMAX theater. But the real adventure begins at the end of the lock-in when the kids are given the choice to leave or be locked in until they can solve their way out of the library by participating in the ultimate scavenger hunt. The winner will become the next spokesperson for the Imagination Factory’s new ad campaign.

The kids use the Dewey Decimal system to gather clues in solving book related riddles and all manner of clever puzzles. At the core of the story are great life-lessons, perseverance pays off, and even though people don’t always do the right thing, sometimes they surprise you in a big way.

Teachers and librarians will want this because of the many references to great children’s titles, historical figures, the positive aspects of teamwork it promotes, and the pro-library message. Kids will read this simply because it’s fun, fun, fun!

All readers take note; there is a mysterious final puzzle you can solve to win a set of books for yourself and a set for your favorite library.


Learn more and order here.

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