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National Recreation Month

July is National Recreation Month, and Brodart has compiled a great list of titles for you to have on-hand for patrons looking for ideas to get them involved in recreational activities. There’s something for everyone, as the list has titles for all ages in a variety of topics, including camping and biking. Below are just a few samples of titles that can be found on the full list here.

Down%20and%20Dirty%20GuideThe Down and Dirty Guide to Camping With Kids by Helen Olsson

Perfect for families planning a camping getaway, The Down and Dirty Guide to Camping With Kids gives first-time campers and veteran backpackers tips and tools to plan the perfect nature adventure with family. Humorous and irreverent, yet always authoritative, this guide to camping with kids, from babies through pre-teens, is filled with checklists, smart tips, recipes, games, activities, and art projects. This book is perfect for the family looking to unplug for their summer getaway. In their starred review, Library Journal says it “is enthusiastically recommended for all public libraries.” Learn more and order here.

Orienteering by Neil ChampionOrienteering

PowerKids Press’ Get Outdoors series has great titles, like Rockclimbing and Fishing, and has gotten a lot of positive press for it (including a review from Library Media Connection). This entry, Orienteering, focuses on the sport that once was a part of tactical military training. Orienteering is a family of sports that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, and normally moving at speed. The book provides a history and overview of the activity and in-depth coverage of equipment, strategies, and basic skill sets. It’s a great way to expose readers to a new sport. Learn more and order here.

And%20Now%20We%20Shall%20Do%20Manly%20ThingsAnd Now We Shall Do Manly Things by Craig Heimbuch

And Now We Shall Do Manly Things is the witty, moving, and insightful story of one man’s quest to free himself from the shackles of his domesticated suburban lifestyle by immersing himself for one year in the hunting culture his family has always cherished. Gun ownership is a hot button topic right now, and if your library has a large rural or hunting community, this is a great relatable book for them to pick up. If your patrons aren’t big hunters, but are curious about the culture, they’ll find some great insights in Heimbuch’s memoir. Learn more and order here.

Holy Spokes by Rob CoppolilloHoly%20Spokes

Biking is cheap, it’s healthy, and it can provide easy access into an incredible array of life experiences. In this wide-ranging and quick-hitting guide, Coppolillo explains how bikes work, why they matter and how teens, whatever their level of experience, can indulge their tastes for biking. Whether your library is in an area where people bike on trails, sidewalks, mountains, or competitive tracks, patrons will find insight in this book. Holy Spokes even takes on topical news stories, including the Lance Armstrong saga (though it was published prior to the outcome being decided). Learn more and order here.


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