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My New Teacher and Me! by Al Yankovic Illustrated by Wes Hargis

9780062192035 teacherIt’s Billy’s first day of school and the first time meeting Mr. Booth, his teacher.  Mr. Booth is a stickler for the rules and Billy showed up to school with dirt on his shirt.  Billy explains he got dirty before school while digging up a skull of a real dinosaur in his backyard.

Mr. Booth does not like nonsense or highly unlikely stories.  Billy tells how the most awesome things usually are, like cows that have two heads and his grandfather flying a kite on the moon.  Mr. Booth does not find this amusing at all but Billy explains the greatest thinkers and leaders all look at the world a little differently.

On Billy’s way to the principal’s office he drops his ‘new teacher’ gift, a picture of Billy and a two headed cow.  Mr. Booth was amazed and he learned a lesson that day – kids aren’t the only people that learn at school.

I completely enjoyed this book from beginning to end, it is told in a rhyme which is very fun to read.  The illustrations are wonderful and make you linger on the page, each time you look at a page you notice something different.  It is very well thought out.  Some people may be hesitant because it is written by Al Yankovic, but don’t be…remember the greatest thinkers all look at the world a little bit differently!

– Tina

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