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Inside the Box by Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg

9781451659252 boxCreativity is not just for those “born with it;” creativity can be learned and taught. Inside the Box shows you how to achieve creativity by employing methodology.

We work so hard to do something bigger and better, summoning the creativity gods to provide inspiration for the next “wow factor,” but we may have overlooked some of the best solutions.  By turning our attention to fundamental elements of a product or situation and applying techniques described here, we can surprise ourselves with innovative and profit-generating results.

Inside the Box presents five techniques supported by academic research and real-life examples—Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Task Unification, and Attribute Dependency—which guide you to see your product or program in a new way.  True stories, from leading companies you’ll recognize, are shared with remarkable outcomes using this methodology, Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), or the “Closed World.”

Involve representatives from all areas of your organization to employ this tried and true approach to creativity and innovation. The techniques are even used with children and teens, producing inventive ideas and proving that creativity can be achieved through methodology.

I devoured page after page, amazed at what I’ve been missing and excited about how I could apply the Closed World system to make progress in so many situations.

Treat yourself to reading Inside the Box. You’ll thank yourself over and over again as your organization produces innovation and reaps the benefits of success.  Thank you, Drew and Jacob, for giving us the tools to be the inventors we didn’t know we were born to be!


Learn more and order here.


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