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Whisperers by J.H. Brennan

9781590208625 whisperersI’ve been a believer in the “spirit world” since I was a little girl. My mom would tell me stories of the first house I lived in (the one where she grew up), and the supernatural activity that took place there. My father, a true skeptic, had to reluctantly concede that there was definitely something a little off about the house. My belief was made stronger when I had my own run-in with a “ghost” as a pre-teen, and I’ve become fascinated with hearing stories of other people’s experiences.

J.H. Brennan’s exploration of the spirit world in Whisperers takes readers through pretty much all of human history and examines if and how spirits have played a role in civilizations and their leaders. He not only discusses spirits, but other supernatural happenings, like visions through Shamans and prophets. With this wide range, he managed to cover a lot of key people and events in history.

Some of these people are well known, like Nostradamus and Joan of Arc, but others are more obscure, yet still relevant in how their beliefs shaped the landscape of civilization. Brennan doesn’t limit his study to ancient events, either. More “modern” historical figures, like Rasputin and Hitler, are examined as well.

For me, though, the most interesting part of the book was when Brennan talked about his own personal experiences with the spirit world, and examined the Grey Lady phenomenon, which are the most common forms of ghost encounters.

While a lot of the book read a little sluggish to me, almost like I was digging my way through a textbook, it picked up when it got to the later chapters and my interest level increased. However, anyone who is a believer in spirits and wants to learn more historical information about the role they’ve played will definitely find this an informative read. Skeptics of spirits may not necessarily be swayed to begin believing, but they will definitely walk away from the book having learned something.


Learn more about this title here.


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