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Twerp by Mark Goldblatt

9780375971426 twerpIt’s 1969 and twelve-year old Julian Twerski has gotten into trouble with some of his friends. As a result, he needs to write about why he was involved with something that hurt “Danley Dimmel”.

To avoid writing about the actual act of bullying, Julian deviates from the assignment and instead journals about sixth-grade life with his best friend and the rest of his buddies.  Since Mr. Selkirk gets a kick out of Julian’s writing he offers him a deal. If Julian keeps writing his story, he will get out of the next few writing assignments including a (gasp) Shakespeare writing assignment.

Chapter by chapter we are treated to the different antics of Julian and his friends whether it’s getting kicked out of Social Studies or writing a love letter for his best friend (which goes badly) this is a fun book.  Ultimately Julian does write about what he was supposed to and in a way that reflects he is growing up.

This book was inspired by the author’s own childhood, and although the gadgets may have changed since the 1960s, kids are kids and kids will love this funny tale of misadventures.

– Becky

Learn more and order here.


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