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Graveland by Alan Glynn

9780312621292 gravelandOpening with a murder in Central Park, then quickly followed by a second homicide, Graveland’s action starts at the onset.  Investigative journalist Ellen Dorsey’s interest is piqued by the shock of these financial figures being attacked.  She sets aside her official assignments to chase the story.

In her obsession to solve the crimes and publish the next big story, Ellen finds herself unofficially interviewing college students and combing through a trove of web pages in search of information that will help her put the pieces together.  It’s a race against the clock to prevent another tragedy.

The realistic situations of each character, both professionally and personally, brought the book to life for me.  Politics and games both play into career paths and the relationships are familiarly dysfunctional.

The story successfully wrapped me in and delivered unexpected twists and turns, surprising even me, a self-proclaimed know-it-all when it comes to guessing outcomes prior to the reveal.  Glynn uses no predictable storylines here.


Learn more about the title here.


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