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And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini

9781594631764 echoI have always enjoyed reading fiction. I consider it a way to experience new things, different people, and to feel emotions just as a book’s characters feel them. However reading this book took me much further emotionally than any book before.

The book takes place in Europe, America, and Afghanistan. It is the story of one family, their descendants, and the people whose lives they touch. It starts with Abdullah, a brother, who is more parent than sibling to his younger sister Pari. The siblings are separated at a young age when their father, struggling to determine what is best for his family, ultimately sells his daughter to a childless couple.

Throughout the book people’s lives intersect in unusual ways. Pari’s adoptive father has a stroke and Pari and her adoptive mother move to Paris. Nabi, Pari’s step-uncle, and her father remain in the same neighborhood where they watch families come and go. One family immigrates to the U.S. where a young man goes on to become a doctor and has Abdullah for a patient.

Eventually Nabi’s guilt in assisting with Pari’s adoption drives him to extract a promise from a man to find Pari and deliver a letter on his behalf. No matter the circumstances or if all the characters actually meet, their lives are intertwined and life goes on. As in real life, they work through all of life’s triumphs and struggles, but the heart never forgets.

I am thankful I was asked to read and review this book, it is simply incredible.


Learn more and order here.


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